ios-7There are still iOS users out there running iOS 6 (52% iOS 7 adoption rate last we heard), either because they do not want to update to iOS 7 or have not bothered to update yet, maybe due to lack of storage space on their device and such. However it seems that whatever the reason is, some iOS 6 users have expressed their frustration as Apple has automatically pulled the update from their servers and while the installation will require the user to authorize it and authenticate it, it does not show up in the storage submenu, meaning that users with little space left on their phones might suddenly be finding out that they don’t have enough space to install an app, or save a photo or video.

This is a problem that occurs when an iOS device is plugged into AC power and according to CNET it affects devices like the iPhone 4 and fourth-gen iPad, although we’re not sure if this is exclusive or if other iOS devices are affected as well. Given that the update takes up about 3GB of storage, safe to say many were a little peeved to find out that they were suddenly shorted on 3GB of storage, worse of all it does not show nor can it be removed. Apple declined to comment on the matter but if you have yet to update to iOS 7, the OTA update might be something you’ll want to keep an eye out for, especially if you’re low on memory.

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