Apple released its iPhone 5S this past weekend, although we’re sure those of you who own an iPhone 5 may not want to pay full retail price for the next iPhone for one reason or another. You could always attempt to win the iPhone 5S through a sketchy giveaway on your social media network of choice, or you can just spend $24 to have those around you think you’re someone who is way more important than you actually are by tricking them into thinking you own an iPhone 5S.

MobileFun has launched a number of vinyl kits that allow you to transform your iPhone 5 into an iPhone 5S, with exception for all of the nifty new features, that is. Each kit comes with a set of stickers that you can use in order to cover up your iPhone 5 to make it look like the elusive gold iPhone 5S, or its more common silver and space gray colors.

Whether or not the vinyl stickers really give your iPhone 5 the look of the iPhone 5S is certainly up for debate, although the creators promise their product will “replicate the iPhone 5S styling.” Let’s just hope people don’t try your iPhone 5’s home button thinking it’ll read their fingerprint, or things could get rather awkward.

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