Compasses-640x480We’re not sure how many of you guys actually use the compass on your iPhone, but if you do, it turns out that there could be a problem with the iPhone 5s’ compass so if you haven’t bought the device yet, you might want to hold off on doing so just yet. According to several user reports, they are reporting that the compass on the iPhone 5s is a little off, at least compared to other compasses and the iPhone 5 as you can see in the comparison image above. The differences aren’t major but it could spell trouble for those who might plan to use it for navigating terrain and where a difference of a few degrees could ultimately lead them to being lost or headed in the wrong direction entirely.


According to Apple support, they told one of the users to recalibrate their sensor by plugging the phone into a wall charger, put it on Do Not Disturb, and to not touch the device for at least 90 minutes. Unfortunately this method did not work, leading to speculation that this could be either a software issue which could be fixed with a patch, or a hardware issue which could lead to a recall or replacements. Any iPhone 5s users out there who are experiencing such issues with their Compass app?

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