We’re sure there are many iOS users out there who were pretty pleased when Apple announced that the iWork apps would be free for download with new iOS device purchases, presumably to make iOS devices better for productivity which is one of the arguments Microsoft is using to make their Surface tablets more appealing. In any case it seems that there are several iOS users who have complained that the apps are giving them the “blue screen of death”, basically crashing their devices and in some cases even forcing the handset to reboot which we can only imagine to be very annoying.


The effect is seemingly easy to trigger, and all a user would have to do is launch one of the iWork apps, open an existing document, and press the Home button and cause the crash. It does not appear that this is a widespread issue so your mileage might vary. It is unknown if Apple is aware of this issue and if they are working on an update that would fix it, but if you’re curious as to whether your device would suffer from a similar crash, try out the method above and let us know in the comments below! In the meantime you can check out the crash in action in the video above.

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