taxi-sensorsJapan is one advanced country, and needless to say, taking a cab ride there is more or less a safe form of public transport compared to some of the other developing countries whom cabbies there literally take you and your wallet for a ride. I am quite sure that some of us have taken a cab before only to realize after disembarking that we have left a personal belonging inside, making it difficult to trace. Well, Japan’s Kokusai Motors might have something on hand to help you out – they have announced a couple of days ago that they are working on a lost property detector system at this point in time which will see action within taxis, to be part of a joint venture with IDEA CROSS INC.

This item detection system is tipped to enter trial stages later this month, and there are also high hopes of it entering widespread use sometime later in 2013. A quartet of cameras mounted in the taxi itself will get the job done (fingers crossed), where shots are taken before the passenger has entered as well as after the passenger has alighted, and any item that was not present before entry is recognized as the passenger’s belongings. Pretty neat, don’t you think so? Good thing this system does not have facial recognition capability, so you know that your footage will not be abused in any way afterwards.

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