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Flying Gondola From Aeronext: Comfortable Drone Transport
Aeronext Inc has announced its Gondola drone concept, along with a miniature model of what could become a series of drones that transport from one to four people.

Some NYC Taxis Try Out GPS-Based Fare Calculators
Being a taxi driver would mean you will never run out of stories to tell, especially when you have racked up years of driving experience ferrying people around. Still, it is not the most financially rewarding job on earth, although the human aspect of it cannot see any amount of money placed on it. Normally, taxis feature meters that will calculate the fare based on distance traveled and time taken, […]

Self-Driving Robot Taxis Might Be Global Warming Solution
Self-driving cars happen to be an idea that has yet to take off fully for the very simple reason that it has not been fully tested out just yet – after all, there are still niggling issues to work out, such as close calls on the road. Well, if it were to be successful, self-driving robot taxis might be part of the solution to a global problem – that of […]

Japan Taxis To Get Lost Property Detector System
Japan is one advanced country, and needless to say, taking a cab ride there is more or less a safe form of public transport compared to some of the other developing countries whom cabbies there literally take you and your wallet for a ride. I am quite sure that some of us have taken a cab before only to realize after disembarking that we have left a personal belonging inside, […]


TomTom Launches TomTomTaxi iPhone App For Taxi Hailing Service
Finding a Taxi in New York City isn’t that difficult of an experience if you know where Taxis usually travel and congregate. But for out-of-towners, it could be a confusing and frustrating experience, which makes mobile apps dedicated to hunting down Taxis even more important in major cities.TomTom introduced a new taxi hailing service last September in Amsterdam that allowed travelers to call for a taxi from specific terminals. The idea […]

Taxi of Tomorrow to arrive in New York come 2013
The famous yellow taxis in New York look set to move forward into the future – and while the city’s “Taxi of Tomorrow” will not be able to take to the skies (oh, how that would be great in order to avoid jams on the ground!), drive itself without any passengers or even serve you coffee, it is part of the effort to completely overhaul the city’s fleet of 13,000 […]

Nokia and Taiwan Taxi create world's first NFC taxi booking service
 There are a whole load of uses for NFC technology, with the most common use being for making digital payments. Well it appears that the folks over in Taiwan Taxi have bigger plans for the technology. Together with Nokia, Taiwan Taxi created the world’s first NFC taxi booking service. By using a NFC-enabled device, users can book a cab by just placing the device next to specially made posters littered […]

London taxis mobile-friendly thanks to Vodafone
As part of a new advertising campaign by Vodafone, over 500 branded taxis are going to be equipped with mobile phone chargers. This means that folks on the go now have another source of power to charge their batteries just in case they’ll be out for the whole day. In addition to being able to charge their devices, taxi customers will also be able to pay for their fares in […]

Self-driving Taxi Picks You Up At The Press Of A Button
We might not need to hire a driver if we’re too lazy to chauffer ourselves around town in the future. The smart folks over at Germany’s Freie University have demonstrated a self-driving taxi. The VW Passat in the video sports a laser, radar, sensor, along with an iPad app from Appirion to control it. All you have to do is start the program, enter the coordinates and wait for the […]

Bing Maps Offers A Taxi Fare Calculator
Microsoft has come up with a rather smart way to try and compete with Google Maps, as the company launched a contest dubbed the “King of Bing Maps” which saw many folks come up with some cool ideas to improve the service. One of the more useful suggestions is the Taxi Fare Calculator, which does exactly as its name implies. Users will be able to calculate the cost of taking […]

A-Rix To Give You The Exact Taxi Fare
Have you ever been stiffed by a cabbie that didn’t want to use the meter in their cab to calculate your fare? Well, if the A-Rix concept device ever becomes a reality, we might see a rather nice solution to the problem. It’s a tamper proof device that can calculate the fare with the help of a GPS chip. When the meter starts, it’ll record your starting position, and measure […]