As hard as it is to believe, I’m no farmer. I’ve lived in a metropolitan area for all of my life, which means if I stick something in the dirt, it’s probably because it’s dead or I need to hide something for a while. One farmer in Japan not only was able to grow a watermelon, which that by itself amazes me, but he was able to grow a heart-shaped watermelon.


Hiroichi Kimura from Humamoto Prefecture was able to grow heart-shaped watermelons after several years of research. Not only do they offer a unique shape that isn’t usually found in most fruit, but they’re also said to taste good, which both the farmer and his customers could attest to. The heart-shaped watermelon is said to have a crunchy consistency, which when bitten into, offers a pleasantly sweet juice that lingers on the palate. That sounds like quite the tasty watermelon!

Considering we’re nowhere near Valentine’s Day, we’re left to wonder why exactly Kimura-san decided to produce a heart-shaped watermelon. His response was rather simple. “I want my customers to eat something delicious.” Hopefully Kimura-san will learn of the delicious that is a Twinkie so he can set out to grow his own Twinkies plant.

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