kimdotcom-mega-resignKim Dotcom recently threw in his resignation as managing director of his cloud hosting company Mega, and the reason to do so was to fight the good fight (in the eyes of some) – namely, to concentrate on the battle against extradition to the United States, in addition to launching a music service as well as a new political party. Earlier this year, Dotcom launched Mega (on 20th January 2013 to be exact), which marked the exact date a year after his previous business venture, Megaupload, was raided in a US-led operation, which subsequently led to accusations of Megaupload being involved in copyright infringement and money laundering.

Since Dotcom stepped down as managing director of Mega on 29 August, he has been replaced by the Singapore-based Bonnie Lam. According to Vikram Kumar, the chief executive of Mega, he informed The New Zealand Herald that Dotcom resigned to “focus on the extradition case, an upcoming music website, and to build a political party”. It seems that the music website would be similar in nature to iTunes, save for the fact that it functions over a web browser using HTML5, and Megabox will work directly with artists, skipping the traditional “middleman” of record labels. All the best to you in tour endeavors, Kim!

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