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Even Kim Dotcom Doesn’t Think Your Data Is Safe On Mega
A few years ago after Megaupload was taken down by the authorities, the man behind it all Kim Dotcom launched Mega, another file hosting service that promised more a secure means of storing and sharing files. However in 2013, Dotcom announced he would be leaving Mega but assured that the service was still in excellent hands.Fast forward to today, it’s an entirely different story, so much so that Dotcom has […]

MegaChat End-To-End Encrypted Voice And Video Calling Service Launched
Are you worried about your privacy? Are you worried that someone, like a hacker, or maybe even the government could be snooping in your voice and video calls? Given the Snowden reports we guess it is understandable that many of you guys out there are a tad paranoid, but thankfully Kim Dotcom is here to save the day.After what seemed like forever, Dotcom has recently announced that MegaChat will finally […]

Mega's Encrypted Video Call And Chat Service To Be Launched Soon
With the recent spate of hacks and also revelations that the government has been spying on its own citizens, suddenly having extra secure chats, phones, and encrypted services has become a big thing. We’ve seen apps such as WhatsApp offer encrypted messages, and recently KakaoTalk has started to offer similar features as well.Well, it looks like Mega’s Kim Dotcom wants in on the action as well and according to a […]

Official MEGA App Arrives For BlackBerry
Good news BlackBerry users, if you have been waiting for the MEGA file sharing site’s app to arrive on your platform, it now has in an official version. Prior to this, the MEGA app was only available as an Android port meaning that you’d have to know how to sideload the app onto your BlackBerry device if you wish to use it. Not exactly the most user friendly method but […]


Windows Phone 8 Users To Get Mega Cloud Storage Too
Just a few days ago, we were talking about how iOS users have now received the official Mega app for the platform, which was something that could have riled the feathers of Windows Phone 8 users. Well, if you happen to be part of that crowd, fret not as there is nothing much for you to mope about. In fact, we have word that Windows Phone 8 users will now […]

MEGA Gets Official iOS App
Kim Dotcom’s MEGA, which has already exited from beta with an improved user interface earlier this month, now has its official iOS app released on the Apple App Store. This particular iOS app will be free, of course, where it will enable one to browse as well as manage one’s MEGA cloud storage account. Not only that, you will also be able to enjoy faster file transfers which will go […]

Kim Dotcom's MEGA Exits Out Of Beta With Improved UI, New Features
Earlier this year, Kim Dotcom launched MEGA into beta as the file-hosting service offers some nice perks such as giving users 50GB of storage for free among other things. It’s been ten months since the debut of MEGA, and today, the service has been taken out of beta. With its exit from beta, MEGA is rolling out a number of tweaks and improvements over the previously beta version of the […]

Kim Dotcom Resigns From Mega To Concentrate On Other Causes
Kim Dotcom recently threw in his resignation as managing director of his cloud hosting company Mega, and the reason to do so was to fight the good fight (in the eyes of some) – namely, to concentrate on the battle against extradition to the United States, in addition to launching a music service as well as a new political party. Earlier this year, Dotcom launched Mega (on 20th January 2013 […]

Mega Developing "Cutting Edge" Encrypted Email Service
After the NSA’s top secret spying programs were brought to light, by former CIA technical analyst Edward Snowden, many people are started speaking out against widespread surveillance of online activity. The documents leaked by Snowden reveal programs that are capable of tapping in to Skype audio and video calls, monitoring internet history and even accessing the content of emails. Lavabit, an encrypted email provider that Snowden used, recently shut down […]

Kim Dotcom Delivers NSA-Proof Messaging With Secure Email To Follow
Kim Dotcom wants to introduce a private messaging service and secure email

Mega Now An App On Google Play
Kim Dotcom's Mega is now an Android app on Google Play.

Mega Search Engine Blocked
It looks like Kim Dotcom is never too far removed from the news, as his recently launched file sharing website that is known as Mega ended up resembling its previous “relative”, so to speak, which was known as Megaupload and has already closed down. It seems that anonymous users have already launched a search engine which will index the numerous files uploaded to Mega, and theoretically, this would make it […]

$13,500 Bounty To Breach Mega
Kim Dotcom has brashly put forward a $13,500 bounty that will be the reward for the first person who successfully breaks into his Mega system’s security. I guess that amount of cash will mean something to most people, but for someone of his stature and cash reserves, it surely does not reflect the kind of confidence (IMHO) in Mega’s security system, no? I wonder which enterprising hacker will walk away […]

Mega Goes Live
Last Friday, we brought you word that Kim DotCom’s Mega will offer users up to 50GB of free storage on the cloud among other goodies, and over the weekend, Kim DotCom’s personal “sequel” to MegaUpload has been launched for public use. This comes about one year after his pet project, MegaUpload, was nullified by U.S. law enforcement officials who had piracy in their sights. DotCom tweeted earlier, “As of this […]