megachatAre you worried about your privacy? Are you worried that someone, like a hacker, or maybe even the government could be snooping in your voice and video calls? Given the Snowden reports we guess it is understandable that many of you guys out there are a tad paranoid, but thankfully Kim Dotcom is here to save the day.

After what seemed like forever, Dotcom has recently announced that MegaChat will finally be launched. For those who are unfamiliar with MegaChat, it basically a voice and video calling service that promises end-to-end encryption, thus preventing hackers and the government from spying in on your calls.

As it stands the service is still in its beta stage, but presumably Dotcom believes it is good enough where everyone can use it without any problems. The service is currently free to try and is open to all registered users via Mega’s website, so if you’re curious as to how this service might fare compared to the likes of Skype, head on over to sign up and find out.

MegaChat is also expected to gain encrypted text and video conferencing features as well, but those features have yet to launch and are expected to arrive in the near future, so for now users will be limited to encrypted voice and video calling services, which we guess isn’t a bad deal either.

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