lenovo-LT2934z_01As the title indicates the Lenovo LT2934Z is a “panoramic” monitor that has an unusual aspect ratio of 21:9 which is way beyond 16:9 as you can see on the photo (33% more viewing area than an equivalent 16:9 screen, in fact).  This monitor is based on an IPS LCD panel, so the viewing angle is very wide with a 178 degrees in both horizontal and vertical axis. Lenovo says that it can reproduce 100% of the sRGB color gamut, which may be of interest to designers and photographers.

The usage model really depends on you, but I can see how that could be useful for something like video editing where you may want to see more information horizontally (and accurate colors!). Traders could also replace two smaller displays with a single 29” panoramic screens. Since most computers only allow the connection of two displays, this would be a much simpler solution than switching to a quad-output graphics card.

With a resolution of 2560×1080, there are q few competitors already on the market, and although not all of them use such an exquisite IPS display, many users don’t need the high-quality color reproduction either. I have to say though: even if you’re not a designer, IPS is a very nice option to have if you can afford it.

The Lenovo LT2934Z also comes with a KVM switch, which lets you toggle between multiple PCs. This is not a very common option, but it makes sense since the monitor can display two different video inputs side by side, which is idea to control two computers from one monitor.

If you need some video chat capabilities, there is also a 2 Megapixel webcam, integrated speakers (2x3W) and an array of microphones that support noise-cancelling. As it stands, the Lenovo LT2934Z offers a lot more features than most 29-inch monitors, but we will have to see what the price tag is.

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