iphone-logitech-teaserRemember the GameCase for iOS devices that we talked about yesterday? Well, it was certainly quite an idea that is worth exploring, and with the official availability of the iPhone 5s in the US, you can be sure that the floodgates are now open for third party accessory manufacturers to introduce what they think your iPhone 5s cannot live without. Logitech figured out that with the snazzy 64-bit processor underneath the hood, you will most probably want to clock up your fair share of gaming time with it, which is why they decided to tease the masses via their Facebook page concerning a ‘Made for iPhone’ game controller.

It does seem as though Logitech’s offering will be somewhat similar to the GameCase, where it will come in the form of an external gaming “enclosure” type controller, holding the iPhone 5s within while introducing the presence of physical buttons and joysticks. Hmmm, again, we see another cycle happening – from doing away with buttons and the like to a pure touchscreen display experience, we start to have buttons and joysticks popping up all over the place again. It remains to be seen whether the upcoming Logitech device is going to stun the masses when it is finally unveiled. [Facebook Link]

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