If there is one thing about concepts that everyone absolutely loves, it would be this – the apparent ability to perform the seemingly impossible at that point in time, without being limited by any kind of laws of physics or other perceived ceilings. It allows one to think out of the box, and then retroactively work on the solution to what we have today. Case in point, the Mab cleaning system from a certain Adrian Perez Zapata, who happens to be a 23-year-old Colombian college student with the dream to make cleaning house a simple task.

This particular concept would see a spherical hive of small flying drones into your home, where the “hive” itself has been specially designed to work as not only a charging station for the drones, but also as one of the options for you to dispose of your home’s refuse. The drones would not fly around as and when they please, but rather, will be released at pre-programmed times, so that they need not get in your way when you just want to relax in the living room without any more disturbances. The moment these drones take to the air, they will perform multiple trips around the home, ensuring that grime and other kinds of dirt are removed from their supply of cleaning fluid that is obtained from a reservoir located atop their hive. Of course, this remains but a concept at the moment, so it might never even be realized in this generation.

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