gaming-loanBased on what we have heard in the past, purchasing items in-game can lead to a pretty hefty bills. In fact kids have accidentally racked up thousands on dollars on their parent’s credit card because they thought that items were free, and let’s not forget how Candy Crush was reportedly earning its developers a staggering $633,000 a day in in-app purchases. This is why it is no surprise that a man in South Korea was reported to have actually taken out a loan of $7,300 just to buy items in a game! This was revealed during a Korean television show called Hello Counsellor, where the man’s wife was asking for help on how to help her husband overcome his gaming addiction.


According to the husband, he believes that the $7,300 is an investment of sorts, where it will help him farm for even better items. He claims that one item, if found, is actually worth $10,000 which he would then be happy to part with for $8,000-$9,000. Not very business savvy but we guess that’s his prerogative. Of course there’s no telling if this is a genuine problem or if it was simply scripted just to garner interest for the show and that particular episode, but either way it is not as rare as you might think. What do you guys say?

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