It should be no surprise to those who follow the tech industry to hear Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will be retiring within a year. Whether or not he was forced out due to the Microsoft Surface RT debacle is certainly up for debate, but the Ballmer certainly isn’t going down without revealing some secrets the company has been holding on to for quite some time. Specifically, Microsoft Office for iOS and Android devices.

Ballmer spoke with Wall Street analysts on Thursday where he strongly hinted at the possibility of Microsoft Office being made available on iOS and Android devices. During his chat with analysts, Ballmer spoke about porting Microsoft products to non-Windows platforms. “We don’t have our heads in the sand,” Ballmer said. He continued by saying Microsoft is “working on everything that you think we should be working on.”

Outside of a new Halo game, we can’t think of any other Microsoft product the company should be working on for mobile devices than its Office suite of programs. People have been clamoring for the company to release Microsoft Office onto mobile devices, specifically iOS and Android, for years now. Until they finally do, we guess alternatives such as Google’s QuickOffice will just have to do.

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