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Steve Ballmer Is No Longer A Microsoft Board Member
It is now a year since Steve Ballmer dropped the bombshell that he would step down from being the CEO of Microsoft, and half a year after Satya Nadella took over the helm of Microsoft, it looks as though Ballmer is about to exit stage left from his position on the Board of Directors, too.

Ballmer Refers To Microsoft And Apple As 'Two-Trick Ponies'
After serving at Microsoft for more than three decades and leading it as CEO for nearly half of that, Steve Ballmer stepped down as CEO back in February. Since leaving the top job he has largely kept himself out of the spotlight. Though back in March he gave a speech at Oxford Union, his first public speaking engagement following his departure from Microsoft. Highlights of that speech were recently posted online. During the […]

Ballmer Might Leave Microsoft For Good
After co-founder Bill Gates stepped down as the company’s CEO, it was Steve Ballmer who took his place. His reign spanned decades, only to come to an end last year, when he announced in August that his replacement will be brought onboard within the next 12 months. Earlier this year Microsoft finally confirmed who takes Ballmer’s place, its Satya Nadella. Ballmer remains on the board of directors, but he might […]

Microsoft CEO Candidate Hans Vestberg Kicks Rumors To The Curb
Ever since Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced last year that he is going to step down within 12 months, there has been a lot of speculation about who is going to get the top job at Redmond. Many names have been floated of both internal and external candidates, one of the first to declare himself out of the running was Ford CEO Alan Mulally, who reiterated his commitment to the […]


Steve Ballmer To Resign From Microsoft Board Once New CEO Is Appointed [Report]
Last year Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced that he would be giving up the top job at Redmond within 12 months. So far his successor has not been appointed, though there has been endless speculation about who is going to fill Ballmer’s shoes. It certainly won’t be an easy task, Microsoft has only ever had two CEOs in its entire history, Gates and Ballmer. Both of them have a seat […]

New Microsoft CEO Expected To Be Appointed This Year
In August Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced that he would be retiring within the next 12 months. He will retain the top job at Redmond until his successor is appointed. According to a new report, the company might appoint Ballmer’s successor within this year, or what’s left of it anyway. Microsoft is said to be going through the list of candidates it has created, and that it is narrowing its choices […]

Bill Gates And Steve Ballmer Seek Re-Election To Microsoft's Board
Microsoft’s annual proxy filing, made to the Securities and Exchange Commission, reveals that Chairman Bill Gates and outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer are both seeking re-election to the company’s board. The move might not sit well with investors who have reportedly tried to reduce the influence both personalities wield over the company, Reuters reports. Back in August, Steve Ballmer announced that he would be giving up the top slot at Redmond within […]

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Hints At Office For iOS, Android
It should be no surprise to those who follow the tech industry to hear Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will be retiring within a year. Whether or not he was forced out due to the Microsoft Surface RT debacle is certainly up for debate, but the Ballmer certainly isn’t going down without revealing some secrets the company has been holding on to for quite some time. Specifically, Microsoft Office for iOS and […]

Top Investors Reportedly Want A Turnaround Expert As New Microsoft CEO
A few weeks back it was announced that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is going to retire within 12 months. The company’s board is currently exploring various external and internal candidates. There were rumors circulating last week about Stephen Elop, who held the top spot at Nokia, being tapped for the job. However, a recent report claims that he probably won’t be Microsoft’s new CEO. Reuters reports today that at least […]

New Microsoft CEO Might Not Be Stephen Elop [Rumor]
On Monday, Microsoft announced out of the blue that it has acquired Nokia’s core phone business for $7.17 billion. The deal saw Stephen Elop, Nokia’s CEO, return to Microsoft. Outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer, who is set to retire within 12 months, said that Elop has gone from being an external candidate to an internal one. Since the deal was announced it has been rumored that perhaps the most coveted job […]

Ballmer Says OEMs 'Enthusiastic' About Microsoft's Acquisition Of Nokia Phone Business
Earlier today we reported on the earth shattering news that Microsoft has acquired Nokia’s core phone business for $7.17 billion. This means that other manufacturers that make Windows Phone devices are now in direct competition with the very company that provides them with software. Microsoft has already confirmed that it will continue to license Windows Phone to other manufacturers, it won’t make the platform exclusive to Nokia devices. However, one […]

Microsoft May Have Forced Ballmer's Retirement Due To Surface RT Debacle
Late last week, Microsoft announced its current CEO, Steve Ballmer, would be retiring from his role within the next 12 months. At the time, Microsoft didn’t give any details in regards to why exactly Ballmer was making his exit from the company, instead taking the time to show their appreciation for his previous work to help shape the company into what it is today. But one analyst is arguing that […]

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Retiring Within A Year
When most people think of Steve Ballmer, they probably think of Microsoft second, with the first image being a high-energetic employee who always gave his all during his speeches. Today, Microsoft has announced the legendary Steve Ballmer will be retiring from his CEO position within the year.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Is The New Xbox Chief
Since Don Mattrick left Microsoft yesterday to become Zynga's CEO, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has now assumed the role of Xbox chief at the company.

Microsoft Might Merge Windows And Windows Phone Divisions On July 1st
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will reportedly share his restructuring plans with top executives on July 1st, Windows and Windows Phone divisions are likely to be merged.

Bill Gates Not Happy With Microsoft’s Mobile Phone Strategy
 Microsoft chairman and former CEO, Bill Gates in his interview with CBS This Morning has been critical of the company’s mobile phone strategy calling it a clear mistake. Bill Gates was also asked if he was happy with the performance of Steve Ballmer, who he supported and said “Well, he and I are two of the most self-critical people — you can imagine. And here were a lot of amazing […]

Microsoft retracts Steve Ballmer's Windows 8 claims
Apparently Microsoft’s CEO, Steve Ballmer let slip more than he was supposed to at the Microsoft Developer Forum in Japan yesterday. Steve Ballmer announced that the next version of Windows would be named Windows 8 and it will be launching next year but was that all wishful thinking or a leak of secret corporate information?Yesterday, Computerworld reported a quote that Microsoft spokesperson said in response to Steve Ballmer’s statement:“It appears […]

HP Windows 7 Slate Unveiled By Steve Ballmer
One of the highlights of CES 2010 is certainly going to be HP’s Windows 7 Slate. Steve Ballmer was on hand to unveil the device, and stated “They’re more powerful than a phone and almost as powerful as a PC. Perfect for reading, surfing the web and taking entertainment on the go,” during his CES 2010 opening keynote. The device will be available this year, and we’re certainly looking forward […]

D7: Steve Ballmer Announces New Microsoft Search Engine "Bing"
There has been ongoing rumors last week regarding the Microsoft revamped search engine launch, internally code named Kumo. Today at D7, Steve Ballmer revealed its official name: Bing, joking that they should have named it “Boom”… Well, we still have to see if the performance measure up to such “enthusiastic” branding. Additionally a bunch of new Microsoft services are getting “Binged”: Bing Travel, Bing Cashback and Bing Maps for Enterprise. […]