microsoft-nokiaIt was only a few hours ago that the news broke that Microsoft would be purchasing Nokia’s cellphone business for a whopping $7.17 billion, giving them not only the ability to manufacture their own smartphones, but gain access to Nokia’s patents as well. At the same time we’re sure there are some who might be worried that this deal would mean the end of Microsoft’s partnership with other OEMs, such as HTC and Samsung who also make Windows Phone devices.

Well the good news is that if Nokia isn’t your favorite company when it comes to Windows Phone devices, you’ll be pleased to learn that Microsoft’s partnership with other OEMs will not be coming to an end because of this deal. This was confirmed by Microsoft’s Terry Myerson who wrote on the Windows Blog, “Today’s announcement doesn’t change that – acquiring Nokia’s Devices group will help make the market for all Windows Phones, from Microsoft or our OEM partners.”

We guess this was more or less a given, but it’s still to be reassured nonetheless. Similar fears rose when Google acquired Motorola Mobility which led many to worry that Google would eventually close off Android and let Motorola manufacture Android devices exclusively.

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