Generally speaking, when it comes to movies that are inspired or based upon a video game, the end result (read: ticket sales) might not be all that movie studio executives expect. In fact, it is far easier for a popular book or comic to make it big on the silver screen rather than that of an actual video game itself, although there has been some exceptions to the rule in the past. Mortal Kombat stank, the evergreen Mario Bros. could not save, but Pokemon? That certainly did quite well with its target market back then. Well, here we are with a trailer for the Need for Speed movie, with DreamWorks and Electronic Arts teaming up to bring what is hopefully not a Fast & Furious clone.

Apparently, the protagonist in the movie is pissed because he lost a loved one, and chances are he might have spent some time in the slammer before coming out to have his revenge. Of course, one does wonder why he mentioned that “they took away everything he had”, when his hands were wrapped around the steering wheel of a highly desirable supercar. Expect plenty of explosions, near misses, mad driving skills and improbable situations to grace the silver screen next year.

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