one2touch-softpadSo, you happen to own an Android-powered smartphone and do think back to the “good old days” where the keypad allowed you to compose an SMS without having to look at the screen simply because you have memorized the individual letters’ respective positions by heart. These days with a touchscreen device, that is virtually impossible, but then again I suppose that is why there are voice commands to compose a text message or email on the go. For those who still prefer the physical keyboard on your spanking new smartphone, how about checking out the new One2Touch Softpad C1? It will hark back to the days where you have a traditional keyboard to play around with, except that this one will hook up to your NFC-enabled device, sipping very little battery in the process.

Norwegian company One2Touch’s Softpad C1 has been specially developed for power typists who want to have the benefits of physical keys so that they get to enjoy both speed and accuracy. Not only that, to get going is a cinch – all you need to do is simply unfold the keypad, touch your Android smartphone onto it and start to type right away. Expect the Softpad C1 to arrive in North American and European markets in the near future for a yet undisclosed price. [Press Release]

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