pioneer-logoCEATEC 2013 is about to be upon us in a week’s time, and you can bet your bottom dollar that plenty of Japanese firms (as well as others in the consumer electronics industry) will be making a beeline there. Expect Pioneer Electronics to be there at the Makuhari Messe this coming October 1st, (forgive me for my interpretation of some machine translation as the original story was in Japanese) where they will deliver some in-vehicle technology that boasts of intuitive operation, where it will work by taking advantage of the sensing as well as cognitive capabilities of the human being.

Apart from that, expect to see steering devices that sport “AUI (Auditory User Interface)”, accompanied by a tactile feedback auditory information assist intuitive “HUD (head-up display)”, as well as three-dimensional sound being used to display the Augmented Reality information on the windshield. Heck, there is also a “Feely-Pad” that ought to up the ante when it comes to driving your car. All in all, patience is the keyword here again as we wait to see what other goodies can Pioneer come up with. What is it about the upcoming CEATEC 2013 that you would like to see the most? Do share with us in the comments.

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