pvz2-chinaWhile Plants vs Zombies 2 for the iOS platform has already been launched for nearly a month already, not to mention having passed the 25 million download mark in a jiffy, helping lower the productivity of iOS device owners at work and possibly damaging their marital relations at home, Android users are “spared” from such addictive torture. Not for Android users who happen to live in China, however, as it seems that the Android version of Plants vs Zombies 2 has finally made its way there via Baidu’s AppSearch Android market.

As for the rest of the world, we will just have to sit tight and keep on checking out whether the Google Play Store will carry this title or not. Or one can always take the shortcut and purchase an iPhone 5S, of course. Still, folks living in China will be able to enjoy the title which boasts of a new map-based progression system as well as a mix of themes and costumes that range from pirates to mummies, and even to the wild west. Of course, permissions to this version of the game would require the ability to send SMS messages, so there are tradeoffs to consider. Just how desperate are you to play the game on your Android device, anyway?

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