vitatvJust how well do you think that the upcoming PS Vita TV from Sony will perform when it finally hits the market? Nobody can tell at the moment as the crystal ball certainly looks extremely murky, but we do have some details on the PS Vita TV prior, including the fact that it will not be able to run all of the PS Vita’s game library. However, it will be able to handle PSP and PSOne titles, and in due time, also be able to stream next generation PS4 titles once both of these devices hit store shelves. One particular machine from Sony’s gaming family seems to be missing, and that is the Sony PS3.


According to Andrew House, Sony Computer Entertainment CEO, who explained in a round-table interview, the PS Vita TV is “technically” capable of supporting PS3 titles using a similar cloud-based streaming which will see PS3 titles brought over to its successor. This makes plenty of sense when you think about it, as logically speaking, if it can “do” PS4 games, certainly PS3 games should be a walk in the park. Regardless, this is the first time that we have heard Sony considering such an alternative, and hopefully, should the feature make it in due time, it might make the PS Vita TV all the more desirable to purchase.

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