sharp-igzo-concept-1[CEATEC 2013] We have seen TVs go from their large and fat form factors to being as slim as possible, and all the while that is happening, there was work done to increase the resolution count. Our minds were blown away when we first saw the visual quality difference between video CDs and DVDs, and the jump to Blu-ray discs (a moment of silence for the fallen HD DVD format, please) proved to be another milestone to remember. Not only that, all the time, bezels on TVs were getting thinner and thinner, so much so that smartphones like the LG G2, too, have adopted a similar approach. Sharp did show off their frameless concept displays that boasted of IGZO technology at CEATEC this year, and it looked fantastic.

The entire setup certainly looked extremely interesting to begin with, and with a near bezel-less setup, it will be able to bring a new way to deliver information as well as advertisements across a multi-display setup. Of course, the possibilities can be said to be limitless, depending on one’s creativity and imagination go get the job done. Anyone with a penchant for modern day design will definitely wish for the Sharp IGZO frameless concept displays to be mass manufactured.

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