spotify-speakersSpotify, the popular online music service, has decided to join forces with home-audio manufacturers when it comes to churning out Wi-Fi speakers that are capable of hooking up to Spotify servers, allowing paying subscribers to send their favorite tunes over to said Wi-Fi speakers, while leaving the handset or smartphone free to perform other tasks. According to Spotify founder Daniel Ek, he hopes that this move would be a precursor of what the future offers – a serve-all musical soundtrack where your audio accompaniment streams from speakers, in addition to other future compatible items such as lightbulbs and clothes, now how about that?

In a nutshell, you are able to listen to Spotify on your smartphone while commuting home, and the moment you enter your home, just “send” the music over to your stereo system and continue working on that email on your smartphone without any interruption. Do you think that this kind of interaction will be able to change the way that we listen to our music at home or at the office? Heck, who knows, someone might even come up with a fax machine (who still uses these?) that can connect to another Wi-Fi device, allowing your Spotify tunes to play back over the fax machine whenever it is not sending or receiving any faxes.

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