star-wars-1313-haltedBack in 2012, LucasArts revealed a new Star Wars game called Star Wars 1313. Based on the graphics of the game, it certainly looked impressive and immersive, although how well it would actually play will never be known as production of the game has since been halted after Disney announced that they would be pulling the plug on Star Wars titles. Well the semi-good news is that Star Wars 1313 is back, although not in the form of a video game, but rather used as a post-production tool for moviemakers.

This is thanks to a report that revealed that the company showed off the engine used to make the game at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts where combined with real-time motion capture, will “take the post out of post-production,” as the CG can be captured during normal filming instead of having to go through the modeling and animation process. While it holds potential, the company believes that it will be a while before this technology can be used as a complete replacement process and expects that graphics will be realistic enough within the next 10 years.

Admittedly it is a shame that the Star Wars 1313 game will never be played, but it’s good to know that the efforts of those who worked on it did not go to a complete waste.

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