With the recent release of Man of Steel as well as all of the cool RC Supermen flying through the air, we think it’s safe to say most people like Superman. Sure – he’s pretty much an alien who just so happens to look like a human being who has super powers thanks to our solar system’s yellow sun, but there’s just something about him many people enjoy. As big of a fan as you think you are, you’re no where near as big of a fan as 35-year-old Herbert Chaves as he has gone through 19 plastic surgeries in order to make himself look like the Man of Steel himself.


Chaves spent a total of $7,000 in plastic surgeries in order to look as much like Superman as possible. His love for Superman started back when he was five years old, which has resulted in him getting a nose job, pec implants, skin lightening, liposuction and a jaw realignment in his quest to become a modern-day Superman. Just how different did Chaves look compared to Superman? Well – you can see for yourself what a dramatic change he went through in order to become the Man of Steel himself.


Unfortunately for Chaves, there’s still no amount of plastic surgery that can stop a speeding bullet or to allow him to leap buildings in a single bound.

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