musk-coast-to-coast-teslaJust how far can the all electric Tesla Model S go on a full battery? Well, earlier this year, Tesla Motors founder and CEO, Elon Musk, did reiterate his intentions to perform a cross country trip – not on a fossil fuel powered ride, but rather, in a Tesla Model S. In the past, such a trip would have required a fair amount of planning, many hours of charging as well as many other different stops along the way, but considering the technology that is available these days with free Supercharger fast-charging networks around, it is not that daunting a task.


Musk did tweet that his Los Angeles to New York family road trip plans have already been finalized, and the entire trip is expected to last less than a week. Six days to be exact, where a mere 9 hours of charging are required in order for the Tesla Model S, with its passengers and some luggage within, to make that cross country trip possible. Of course, the 9 hours of charging will not be done at one place, but rather, it will be spread across several stops, taking approximately 1.5 hours of charging each day. Musk claims that his only stops would be for eating or sightseeing, so he will wrap those around while juicing up his ride.

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