Apple finally released iOS 7 yesterday, which left many iOS owners to run into issues just for trying to attempt to download the latest iOS update. If you were one of the lucky ones who were able to update your iOS device to iOS 7, then you know of the tidal wave of apps that issued their own respective updates. While app developers are going iOS 7 update crazy, Tumblr decided now would be a great time to issue an update to its Android application.

Tumblr released an update to its Android application that brings push notifications, which means you’ll now be notified of when comments or blog follows occur, although users have the option of whether or not this feature remains active as it can be changed through the app’s settings.

Tumblr users who own an iOS device are left out in the cold at this moment as the company says today’s update will be making its way across iPhones and iPads “very soon.” Considering you have a completely new iOS version to play around with, we’re sure you’re going to be a bit busy over the next few days picking apart iOS 7 to worry about your interactions on Tumblr, that is, if you can finally get the new operating system installed on your iOS device.

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