[IFA 2013] We know there are those of you who would prefer to have a thin keyboard over a thick one as it makes transportation much easier as well as having a thin keyboard makes it feel like you’re typing directly on your desk top. But would you want to use a keyboard that measures in a less than half a millimeter thick?

The extraordinarily thin keyboard was revealed at IFA this week in Berlin by England-based research firm CSR. The keyboard can be used as an all-in-one accessory as not only can you use its keys for all of your typing needs, but it’s custom-printed onto a large touchscreen surface, allowing you to use the entire thing as a way to navigate. What helps in keeping the keyboard extremely thin is the fact it uses an ultra-low power version of Bluetooth, which means a bulky battery isn’t be needed.

Thin-keyboard lovers will have to wait another year until the fruits of CSR’s labor is made available to consumers, although at that time, it’s more likely it’ll be made available to OEMs as well as other manufacturers prior to being released as an actual standalone keyboard. Until then, we guess you’ll have to make due with your not-so thin keyboard.

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