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Mad Catz Strike M Bluetooth Keyboard Sports NFC Capability As Well
Now if you are in the market for a spanking new keyboard, but have absolutely no idea as to which particular brand to purchase, perhaps Mad Catz might have a solution for you. Their new Strike M Bluetooth keyboard could very well be a striking new addition to your desk, as it comes with NFC capability to boot, accompanying the likes of dedicated media keys and backlighting, all crammed into […]

World's Thinnest Keyboard Measures In At Under Half A Millimeter Thick
[IFA 2013] We know there are those of you who would prefer to have a thin keyboard over a thick one as it makes transportation much easier as well as having a thin keyboard makes it feel like you’re typing directly on your desk top. But would you want to use a keyboard that measures in a less than half a millimeter thick?

Belkin FastFit Keyboard Case For iPad Mini Offers 155 Hours Of Use For $80
Hot on the heels of Logitech’s announcement yesterday of its popular Ultrathin Keyboard being made for the iPad Mini, Belkin has a bit of news of its own concerning its own keyboard case for the iPad Mini.Belkin’s FastFit keyboard case is said to be the “lightest and thinnest” keyboard case around as it measures in at just 7mm thick, which is actually thinner than the iPad Mini itself. What helps […]

Archos Design Bluetooth Keyboard For iPad
Just what can you say about the Archos Design Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad? Well, this would be a magnetic Bluetooth full QWERTY keyboard that will cater for 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation iPads. After all, typing on a virtual keyboard does not quite have a similar feeling to that of an actual, physical keyboard, and if you find yourself hacking away on your virtual keyboard for a whole lot more […]


Matias Bluetooth Keyboard Hits The FCC
The folks over at the FCC must have had some fun recently playing with a Bluetooth keyboard from Matias, having tested and deconstructed this unannounced keyboard. The reduced model has one rather startling form factor design, which would be the lack of a numeric pad. The big question is, will the Matias Bluetooth keyboard here cater for the PC or Mac platform? The answer can be derived from the Page […]

Elecom Bluetooth keyboard does the wireless handset jig, too
Now here is a peripheral from Elecom that is definitely worthy of your attention, being future forward and all. The Elecom TK-MBDD041 Series Bluetooth-enabled device does not only function as a wireless keyboard with other compatible devices, it will also double up as a wireless handset when the situation calls for it. Yes sir, if you simply need a dedicated handset to carry out your voice conversations while using a […]

ZAGGfolio iPad 2 casing comes with a Bluetooth keyboard as well
Keyboard docks and keyboard cases for the iPad have been sprouting up like weeds lately, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing (keyboard cases/docks I mean, not weeds) as it gives us consumers multiple brands to choose from.

NUU MiniKey Bluetooth keyboard case now available
Having escaped the shadow of the FCC since it dropped by in February, the NUU MiniKey Bluetooth keyboard case for Apple’s iPhone 4 is now available, delivering better speed and typing accuracy for those who are always on the go, and have yet to get used to a virtual keyboard. Of course, if you are connected to it via Bluetooth, that would mean sapping additional battery power from your iPhone […]

NUU MiniKey Bluetooth keyboard picks up FCC approval
Ever heard of NUU before? No? Well, we’re pleased to inform you that they are a manufacturer of mobile device accessories, and most recently picked up the nod from the FCC for their MiniKey Bluetooth keyboard for the iPhone 4. This is pretty much a self-explanatory accessory, as it will slip over the iPhone 4 just like a case, connecting to it via Bluetooth with but a simple push of […]

Upcoming DS Pokemon game to be bundled with Bluetooth keyboard
You probably wouldn’t associate typing with Pokemon, but the upcoming Pokemon typing tutor game for the Nintendo DS is called Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing DS and will be bundled with a Bluetooth keyboard. The interesting feature is that the cartridge will have a built-in Bluetooth chip, since the DS doesn’t have built-in Bluetooth. Of course, it’ll be interesting to gauge the response to this game, since not everybody would […]

Cropmark LMP Bluetooth Keypad up for sale
You might remember the LMP Bluetooth Keypad that visited the FCC a while back. It was a handy little Bluetooth keypad that matched Apple’s brushed aluminum wireless keyboard, which surprisingly doesn’t offer a numeric keypad. If you were wondering when you’d be able to get your hands on it, the good news is that it’s now available for purchase as the Cropmark LMP Bluetooth Keypad and will set you back […]

Motorola XOOM to arrive on Feb 14th, thanks to Bluetooth keyboard listing?
Motorola’s XOOM tablet was one of the more interesting devices at CES 2011 and many folks are busy wondering when they’ll be able to get hold of this Android-powered tablet. While there isn’t any official date just yet, folks have noticed that Amazon is offering a wireless Bluetooth keyboard for the tablet and this accessory will be available on February 14th. Of course, this is a far cry from an […]

Clamcase Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad gains FCC approval
For those who have been eagerly waiting for the Clamcase Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad for months on end, the long wait is nearly over. That’s because the good people at the FCC have finally approved it for use, which more or less makes the case for a planned January 2011 release date even more concrete. As for the rest who are not in the know, the Clamcase is actually […]

Adesso iPad Folio Case with Removable Bluetooth Keyboard
While the Adesso WKB-2000CB iPad case may look like other similar folio-style cases on the market that essentially turns your Apple tablet into a netbook, the Adesso’s case features a removable Bluetooth keyboard so you can use the keyboard with other devices when you’re not toting it or using it with the iPad. Moreover, the keyboard is waterproof so you can easily wipe down the keyboard if you spill anything […]