xbox-one-hands-on-review-02“Haters gonna hate” is one popular expression that we do see from time to time these days, and it applies to a situation where someone is already prejudiced against something, so much so that even if that object has no flaws, it will still be derided. The Xbox One from Microsoft has its fair share of fans, but that does not mean it does not have its detractors, either. Some folks who were not too happy with the used game and DRM policies which were reversed later on even called the next generation the “Xbone” as part of voicing their dissatisfaction.

Well, it seems that Microsoft did catch on that pretty quickly, and they have also picked up the “” domain name along the way. It seems that a quick search with threw up the following information: the domain was created in 2000, but the last edit was on Wednesday, September 11th, 2013, which is most probably the day when Microsoft parted with some loose change to pick up the domain name. No idea on who was the previous owner, though. I wonder whether there are any more domain names that Microsoft needs to pick up before their anticipated Xbox One is officially released.

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