dragonquestmobileSquare Enix has unveiled a site which has confirmed something that many people would certainly be looking forward to – that is, the release of Dragon Quest I all the way through to Dragon Quest VIII on mobile devices. Not only that, it will be a generally large group of gamers who will enjoy this for both iOS and Android platforms. As at press time, there has been no word of any kind of localization being announced for any of the ports though.

Square Enix, once a powerhouse of a gaming publisher, has been going through a rough patch at the moment, where most of their largest releases finding it difficult to turn a profit, while the famous franchises do not seem to be the kind of tour de force that they once were. Strangely enough, their strategy of taking classic and beloved console RPGs and putting them through the conversion machine, turning those classics into mobile titles has been picking up steam, never mind that it is a hugely controversial move in western regions considering the alleged low quality as well as implementation of exploitative microtransactions. Still, if you were to reside in Japan, would you pick up this title that caters to all Dragon Quest adventures right up till VII?

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