batterylifetestsmavericksIf you own a 2013 MacBook Air that is still running on OS X Mountain Lion, you might want to consider update to the free OS X Mavericks update that was released just yesterday. Granted there are some changes made to the operating system that might throw you off, especially if you’ve been using Mountain Lion for a while now, but perhaps the gains in battery life might be able to offset those changes. According to a rather comprehensive and lengthy review of OS X Mavericks by John Siracusa over at Ars Technica, he found that installing Mavericks managed to boost battery life on MacBook computers rather significantly.


As you can see in the bar graphs above, installing Mavericks on a 2007 MacBook Pro saw the laptop’s battery life jump from about 3.15 hours to 3.93 hours. While it is an improvement, it’s not that much, at least when compared to the likes of a 2013 MacBook Air which saw its battery life jump from an average of 12.07 hours to a massive 15.68 hours! This is thanks to the power saving features that have been built into Mavericks, such as Timer Coalescing, Compressed Memory, and App Nap. Of course we don’t expect all MacBook Air owners to get those numbers as each person uses their laptops in a different way and with different settings, but hopefully the update should allow you to notice battery life improvements at the very least.

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