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OS X 10.9.3 Update Brings Improved 4K Display Support And More
We have known for the past few weeks that Apple has been internally testing a new build of OS X Mavericks. OS X 10.9.3 wasn’t supposed to be a major update in any way though it was expected to bring a few crucial bug fixes and some improvements. That is exactly what it does. Apple today rolled out OS X 10.9.3 for all supported Mac machines. The update brings improved support […]

How To Install Mac OS X Mavericks From USB
I had to clean my old Macbook Pro 15 and Macbook Pro 15 Retina laptops before I got rid of them, so I wanted to be able to install a new, clean, version of Mac OS X Mavericks and ensure that none of my apps and data is left on the computer. I don’t have a CD with Mac OS X Mavericks v10.9.2 (nor an optical drive for that matter). Since […]

OS X Mavericks' Adoption Rate Sits At 40% In North America [Report]
Back in 2013 during Apple’s WWDC event, the Cupertino company unveiled OS X Mavericks which is Apple’s latest computer operating system at the moment. The OS was released later that year as a free upgrade for all Mac users whose computers could support it. It was a surprising move by Apple as previously they had charged for OS upgrades.Naturally this led to more users opting to upgrading to Mavericks compared […]

Snow Leopard Support Killed, 1 In 5 Macs Left Vulnerable
Mac OS X 10.6, better known as Snow Leopard, is almost four and a half years old. The last security update for this iteration was released back in September 2013. It was left out in the update released in December, as well as in the one released day before yesterday. Most recent OS X update brings fixes for OS X 10.7, 10.8 and 10.9, but leaves out Snow Leopard. While […]


FaceTime Audio Calls Arrive In Latest OS X Mavericks Beta
For Mac and iOS users, an alternative to Skype would be FaceTime, which allows Mac and iOS users to video call one another through their phone numbers or Apple IDs. Unfortunately for Mac, FaceTime is still limited to video calls, which iOS users have the option of placing audio-only FaceTime calls. Well the good news is that Mac users can look forward to the audio-only option in a future OS […]

OS X 10.9.1 Seeded Out To AppleCare Staff; Public Release Imminent
When Apple seeds new versions of OS X to its employees, then you know a public release is just around the corner. In this case, reports are coming in that Apple has recently seeded OS X 10.9.1 to AppleCare employees, which means you should prepare yourself for the update to come any time now. 

OS X Mavericks' Overall Market Share Continues To Grow
It is no secret that when it comes to operating systems for computers, Microsoft’s Windows platform is clearly the dominant software, leaving alternatives such as Linux, Unix, and Apple’s OS X platform to fight for whatever’s left. According to metrics company, Net Applications, it seems that while OS X Mavericks’ overall market share is still pretty low, at least compared to Windows, it has been climbing albeit slowly. Net Applications […]

OS X Mavericks Taps MacBook Pro's Ambient Light Sensor To Detect Movement
We’re not sure if MacBook Pro owners have noticed, but your laptops come with built-in ambient light sensors which has been used for the most part to dynamically adjust the brightness of its displays, as well as adjust the backlighting of the keyboard. Well now it seems that in the recently OS X Mavericks, Apple has tapped the ambient light sensor to do more than that and will now be […]

OS X Mavericks See 6-8% Adoption In 24 Hours
Apple’s latest computer operating system, OS X Mavericks, was released yesterday and it seems that the operating system is being adopted faster than its predecessor, OS X Mountain Lion. According to the numbers released by analytics firm, GoSquared, they have found that OS X Mavericks now accounts for 6-8% of all OS X traffic. The firm notes that the numbers are still fluctuating at the moment, but they seem to […]

2013 13" MacBook Air Gets Significant Battery Improvements With OS X Mavericks
If you own a 2013 MacBook Air that is still running on OS X Mountain Lion, you might want to consider update to the free OS X Mavericks update that was released just yesterday. Granted there are some changes made to the operating system that might throw you off, especially if you’ve been using Mountain Lion for a while now, but perhaps the gains in battery life might be able […]

New OS X Mavericks GM Build Released
Apple has recently released a Golden Master build of its upcoming operating system, OS X Mavericks, and for those unfamiliar, a Golden Master build is essentially the final version of the beta and it is also the same version that non-beta testers can look forward to once the software has been officially released to the public. In any case it seems that a day before their 22nd of October event, […]

Apple Asking Developers To Submit Apps For OS X Mavericks
Apple’s OS X Mavericks was announced in the middle of the year during the Cupertino company’s WWDC 2013 event, and while a Fall release date was mentioned, no specific dates were provided. However with Apple confirming their 22nd of October event, it is widely believed that is when Apple will officially release OS X Mavericks to the masses, or at least provide us with a date to look forward to. […]

Apple Reportedly Readying OS X 10.9.1 Update
Earlier this year at its Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple announced OS X 10.9 Mavericks. This is the first time in years that Apple has not named a major OS X release after a big cat. That’s not the only change that has been made. Mavericks brings as many as 200 new features and improvements. Since WWDC 2013, Mavericks has only been available to developers. Apple is yet to roll it […]

Apple Said To Have Begun OS X 10.10 Development
Earlier this year at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2013, Apple unveiled OS X 10.9 Mavericks, its latest platform update for Mac. With this update, the company moves away from its tradition of naming the releases after cats, such as Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion and the likes. There are also a number of new features in this update, which is yet to be released to the public. Rumor has it that […]

OS X Mavericks GM Build Released
According to our earlier report, Apple recently seeded the OS X Mavericks Build 13A598 to members of the AppleSeed testing program. While Apple has been diligently releasing beta builds of OS X Mavericks, this was particularly interesting as it had dropped the “Developer Preview” tag from the name, suggesting that the software could soon be out of beta and a Golden Master build would be released soon. What we did […]

OS X Mavericks Expected To Release In October [Report]
Apple unveiled the next version of its OS X operating system, called OS X Mavericks, just a few months ago. Since its unveiling, OS X Mavericks has been seeded to developers to allow them to improve their software prior to its launch, although at this point, Apple has yet to make any official announcements as to when we should expect Mavericks to be made available. Even though Apple hasn’t made any official […]