lineage_1In-game items for MMORPGs have gotten to the point where they cost insane amounts of money in real-life. We have heard items being auctioned off for thousands of dollars which is pretty ridiculous given that the money could be put to better use, and recently we are hearing that a 64-year old woman in South Korea has tried to sue NCsoft over a destroyed in-game item. According to the reports, the woman was playing NCsoft’s Lineage, the first version mind you, and in the game, gamers can enchant items to enhance them. However the kicker is that should you fail to enchant an item, it will end up destroying it, which is what happened when she “accidentally” attempted to enchant a rare sword worth $28,000 in real life.


The woman claims that she would never have enchanted the sword on purpose and it was done by accident while enchanting other items. NCsoft refused to restore the item, leading her to sue them. According to the logs, it shows that the woman continued enchanting other items despite failing to do so with the rare item, with the courts ruling that even if it was a mistake, NCsoft is in no way obligated to restore the item for her. Interestingly enough this is the first version of Lineage that was released in 1998 and is still being supported heavily in South Korea.

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