iphone-5cAt the end of last week, we did bring you word that the iPhone 5s stock has already run rather low over in the US, which does not come across as surprising at all, although the iPhone 5c has more or less remained unloved among consumers considering how easy it is to pick up a unit online as well as in retail stores if you have a hankering for the “budget iPhone”. Come to think of it, the iPhone 5c is not really all that budget oriented, at least when one thinks about it. Word from a Chinese source claimed that Apple has already reduced its production of the iPhone 5c because of sluggish sales figures, limiting its production from 300,000 each day to half that amount – 150,000 per day.

Assuming that this particular rumor from China is true, it would certainly reflect some analysts’ viewpoint that the iPhone 5s has been outselling the iPhone 5c by a considerable margin of more than two to one. Well, I guess at the end of the day, one is unable to “win” all the time, and there are always lessons to be learned from a particular situation out there. How many people do you know who own the iPhone 5s, and how many others are carrying the iPhone 5c?

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