We’ve seen software updates for the HTC One roll out on Verizon and Sprint over the past few weeks, and it looks like it’ll soon be HTC One owners on AT&T to get their respective update. How soon? October 8, soon.

The AT&T HTC One will be receiving its Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update, which will be rolled out starting on October 8. The news of the AT&T HTC One’s upcoming update comes from none other than HTC America president Jason Mackenzie as he announced the upcoming release through his Twitter account over the weekend. In his tweet, he revealed the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update has passed certification and will start updating “early next week.” Mackenzie follows up his original tweet with a response to a Twitter user asking if he had a specific date in mind for the rollout, to which he says “should begin on Tuesday.

At this time, Sprint is the only U.S. carrier to rollout Android 4.3 onto their HTC One smartphones, although seeing how AT&T’s rollout is coming soon, we’re sure T-Mobile and Verizon’s shouldn’t be far behind. Hopefully their updates will roll out in time for all of your upcoming holiday parties and shenanigans as we’re sure you’re going to want the latest and greatest Android OS to take on your many adventures.

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