clarion-eco[CEATEC 2013] How green can cars get? We have started to see a slight shift among buyers of cars who have jumped aboard the hybrid bandwagon, with Toyota’s Prius leading the way. Of course, the move to fully electric cars have yet to catch the imagination of the masses because of charging stations, the relatively limited range of an electric car compared to one that runs on gas, and of course, the entry cost which can be prohibitively high. Regardless, it is nice to see companies work on future forward technologies when it comes to vehicles, and this is where Clarion’s EcoAccel app comes into play.

To know whether you are driving in an eco-friendly manner could prove to be challenging if your vehicle does not already arrive with such an integrated system in the first place. Clarion’s EcoAccel app will be powered by a head unit that runs on the Android operating system, where it will read the relevant data picked up by sensors to rate your Eco driving habits. Right, it does not seem as though the folks over at Clarion intend to deliver this product across the Pacific to the US, but hopefully they will change their minds about that.

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