Apple-iPhone Sales

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard someone do something crazy in order to raise enough money that they can spend on Apple’s most wanted products. Back in 2011, we reported how a teenager in China had sold his kidney for roughly $3,000 to purchase an iPad 2 as well as an iPhone 4. Selling your kidney is one thing, selling your child is a whole different ballgame. Chinese state media reports that a young Chinese couple in Shanghai is facing criminal punishment after they sold their baby daughter online and used the money to buy an iPhone.


Reportedly, the mother also purchased other products as well as expensive sports shoes. The purchases were made online after the child was put up for adoption through online postings and money was taken in return. Prosecutors in Shanghai have brought a case for human trafficking. On the other hand, the couple argues that since they already have two children and want the girl to have a better life, they offered her up for adoption. They say that they didn’t do it for “obtaining benefits.” It has not been officially disclosed how much the couple took for their baby daughter, but according to their various online postings, the couple was seeking around 30,000 yuan to 50,000 yuan for the baby. Obviously one can’t blame Apple for making such popular products, the blame rests entirely on those who commit such acts and leave a bad example which someday, someone else might follow.

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