In the new digital age, cyberattacks have become a major cause of concern for governments all around the world. As more and more information moves online, and so do various infrastructure systems, the focus has certainly gravitated towards strengthening cyber borders alongside the physical ones. A new report by the Associated Press claims that Israel was hit by a cyberattack last month, a sophisticated cyberattack which closed down a major tunnel in the northern city of Haifa for eight hours.

Since the breach of security is a classified matter, an expert reveals details of the attack on condition of anonymity. Apparently the security camera system of Carmel Tunnels was attacked by a trojan horse on September 8th which resulted in an immediate closure of the tunnels for 20 minutes. The real damage was done the next day, it is claimed, when the roadway was shut for eight hours during morning rush hour, causing congestion on a massive scale. The same expert claims that its unlikely this attack was carried by a hostile government, such as Iran. This is believed to be the work of some sophisticated unknown hackers. While the company that manages the toll road blames the shut down on a “communication glitch,” and doesn’t accept that there was a security breach, it is said that the classified National Cyber Bureau of Israel knew about the incident. This is just a glimpse of  how a country’s infrastructure can be tinkered with remotely, a glimpse of how nations and rogue individuals will set to achieve their nefarious goals while being hidden behind a number of screens.

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