If you like to start your morning off with a Facebook rant about the latest Sunday night popular television show, such as The Walking Dead, then you probably found that you had some difficulty performing your traditional activity this morning. Fortunately for you, this isn’t a result of the NSA or your cable provider censoring your thoughts, but instead, it has all to do with Facebook experiencing some hiccups.


As of this writing, Facebook is experiencing errors across the site which doesn’t allow users to update their status, post comments, like posts, send messages or publish photos. When users attempt to update their status, they receive a message saying “There was a problem updating your status. Please try again in a few minutes.” The issues don’t seem to be related to a particular region as many Facebook users around the world took to Twitter to report the outage.

Facebook has yet to comment on what exactly is going on that users can’t use many of the features we’ve all come to know so well with the service.Unfortunately, at this time all we can do is sit and wait until Facebook resolves these issues so you can go back to ranting about why the latest Walking Dead episode sucked.

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