ghangout If there’s one thing Google+ has over Facebook is its photo editing features, especially with the recent introduction of Snapseed-like functions to the social network. Well the good news for Google+ users is that during Google’s recent Google+ event, Vic Gundotra announced several new photo and video features that they would be introducing to the social network that should make messaging, video calling, and photo editing a lot easier.

Starting with Google Hangouts, Google has introduced location sharing as well as SMS, allowing users to share their location with their friends and family as well as the ability to send and receive SMS. For broadcasters who use Hangouts to broadcast their videos live, they can now schedule Hangouts On Air as well as promote them with a dedicated watch page, with Control Room allowing for conversation moderation, eject, and remote mute. Next up would be changes made to photos and videos uploaded onto Google+.

gphotoFor starters full sized photo backups and background sync will be making its way onto the Google+ app for iOS devices, allowing users to backup photos as soon as they take them. Finding photos has also been made easier, with Google reorganizing them so you will be able to search photos from sunsets to snowmen.  Auto Enhance has also been given an update, allowing users to decide if they want to tone up or down the enhancements, or choose to exempt an entire album.

Last but not least, Google has also made improvements to video upload thanks to a feature called Auto Awesome. Auto Awesome comes with three different techniques, such as Action that helps create a strobe-like effect; Eraser that allows the removal of certain objects that results in a cleaner image; and Movie which allows the addition of effects, transitions, and soundtracks. You can check out some of its features in the video below.

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