google-glass-batteryAs it stands, Google Glass is only available to a few early adopters and is mainly used for testing out the device. It is expected that the device will see a rollout next year but it seems that while the rest of the world has yet to get their hands on the hi-tech eyewear, Google is already planning a successor. According to a report from MIT’s Technology Review, the successor is already in the works. This was apparently confirmed by Mary Lou Jepsen who is currently heading up the display division over at Google X’s lab, and who told the audience at the MIT EmTech conference that she is only getting about three hours of sleep every night in a bid to get the gadget primed for launch, although she did not mention as to when exactly that might be.

Unsurprisingly Jepsen did not share the details of Google Glass’ successor, so as to how it might look like and how it functions remains unknown. It is not surprising that Google is already working on a successor, especially since we expect that they are getting plenty of feedback from the internet and their Google Glass Explorers, feedback which will be taken into account in the design and functionality of Google Glass 2, or whatever they plan on calling it. Either way we’re hoping that its successor will be able to “wow” us the same way the original Google Glass did. 

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