flexycoreGoogle is certainly a cash rich company, and hence, it is not surprising to hear of them going on another purchase outing, where this time around, it involves a company known as FlexyCore, which is an Android optimizer. The price that Google paid can be considered to be loose change – we are talking about just $23 million here. Just in case you were wondering what FlexyCore has released in the past, the company did deliver applications to manufacturers, carriers, and consumers in order to further improve one’s Android performance.

FlexyCore is based in France, and one of their apps, DroidBooster, has since been removed from the Google Play store. This is most probably because Google wants to streamline things after making their purchase. To sell it for $23 million thereabouts 5 years after being founded can be considered as quite the success, and Google themselves have already confirmed that they did pick up the FlexyCore company, citing that the team working there will be “a great fit” alongside their very own Android team. We cannot wait to see what Google and FlexyCore will be able to come up with in the near future, that’s for sure. Hopefully it will be something new and revolutionary instead of the same old, same old.

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