Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto 5 was just updated to allow for players to take part in Grand Theft Auto Online yesterday, although its launch didn’t go without a few hitches here and there. If you were one of the many who weren’t able to access Grand Theft Auto Online, then you were probably forced to spend your time buying and selling in-game stock as it looks like that seems to be a portion of the game many people are addicted to these days.

The in-game stock market features two difference exchanges: Liberty City National and BAWSAQ. Players can buy and sell stock on both exchanges in order to make some extra in-game cash, although some users have speculated the BAWSAQ can be manipulated as long as players work together to do so.

In order to test this theory, GTA 5 players attempted to buy and then sell a stock collectively in mass quantities, which would hopefully drive up the price of the stock to then have the price drop drastically through mass selling. Unfortunately, it looks like that theory didn’t work as planned, although it hasn’t stopped users from still trying to find ways to make a ton of cash in GTA 5, especially now that Grand Theft Auto Online has launched.

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