half-lifeIt was just last week that Half-Life 3 fans were excited by the news that Valve had registered the Half-Life 3 trademark over in Europe. While it is possible that Valve filed the trademark to protect its Half-Life franchise, it was also an indication that the game was being worked on and that we could look forward to news about it soon. Interestingly enough it seems that the paperwork for the application of the trademark has disappeared from the website of the EU’s Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market, leading some to believe that this was a hoax.

Like we noted in our previous report, Valve was not the original filer for the trademark,but rather a company known as Casalonga & Associates who filed for the trademark on Valve’s behalf. The trademark was oddly only filed for in Europe and there was no similar trademark found in the USPTO. Assuming this is a hoax, it is a rather mean one and by that logic, does it mean that the previously leaked list of developers allegedly working on the game is a hoax as well? What do you guys think? Is this really a hoax after all, or do you think that Valve is truly working on Half-Life 3 and that we will learn more soon?

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