honda-unicub-2[CEATEC 2013] I don’t know about you, but it does seem as though the personal mobility device segment in Japan is certainly heating up. Toyota had their delicious sounding “Toyota Winglet” that we saw earlier this morning, and here we are with the Honda Uni-Cub. Uni-Cub sounds a whole lot more like a personal mobility device than something that hails from a diner which specializes in selling chicken bits and pieces. The Uni-Cub does seem to work on the same principle as that of the Toyota Winglet, that is, by shifting your body weight, it will be able to help you get around without having to walk.

It certainly looks a whole lot more comfortable than the Toyota Winglet, considering how you sort of sit on it instead of having to stand as on Toyota’s offering. There is one particular drawback to this though – ladies, remember not to wear skirts if you want to travel around in a Honda Uni-Cub! You cannot cross your legs when seated on this, hence leading to a possible issue of having one’s modesty visually outraged.

Again, battery life on the Honda Uni-Cub should be another challenge that has to be overcome in order to make it as easy and convenient to use as a bicycle. I suppose if this were to be used on a large enough scale, there will be personal mobility device chargers and “parking” facilities in public areas. How much do you think you are willing to pay for a personal mobility device? It beats the purpose of getting enough exercise through walking, but I suppose for those who are unable to walk for long periods of time, the Honda Uni-Cub might be a viable option. Gotta love the fact that it comes with a seat!

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