next-smartphone-purchaseWe can only assume that when Microsoft acquires Nokia that the Windows Phone platform could get a boost, because not only will Microsoft have control over the software (like they always have), but they are now able to make their own phones as well, giving them a greater degree of control over things such as hardware and design. However we guess we won’t know to what effect the acquisition will have, but for now there is a lot of room to grow thanks to a recent survey which found that intent to buy a Windows Phone product in the US is only sitting at around 3.8%.

This is according to a recent survey conducted by Raymond James Analysts Tavis C. McCourt and Daniel Toomey. The survey included 500 US residents and found that only 3.8% of them revealed their intentions to purchase a Windows Phone product. While that number might seem low, it should be noted that this is an increase from 1.5% from back in June 2013. Granted this is good news for the Windows Phone platform, it still pales in comparison compared to the likes of iOS and Android, but hopefully those numbers will be changing in the future.

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