iphone-5s-435Earlier this month we reported on some problems many iPhone 5s users were complaining about on their devices, namely the accuracy of their motion sensors which seems to be a bit off, at least compared to other iOS devices. At that time it was unclear if this was a software problem that could be fixed with an update that would recalibrate the sensors, or if it was a more pressing issue like a hardware problem that might either require an exchange of the phone, or maybe even a recall. Well as it turns out, it might be a hardware problem, at least according to RealityCap CEO, Eagle Jones. According to Jones, he notes that this is thanks to the use of new hardware in the iPhone 5s.

Previous Apple had relied on STMicroelectronics to supply their accelerometers, but with the iPhone 5s, Apple had turned to Bosch, whose component has been noted to have a higher bias which makes it consistent with the inaccurate readings that iPhone 5s users are experiencing on their devices. Jones notes that this could have resolved from the start if Apple had calibrated it at the factory, but did not for whatever reason. As it stands RealityCap is working on code for developers that will help address the issue, but naturally a fix by Apple would be a better long-term solution.

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