gta5-malwareGrand Theft Auto 5, or GTA 5 for short, is a game that has more or less captured the imagination of many, having broken a whopping 7 Guinness World Records along the way. In fact, it has also been noted that GTA 5 itself comes with nearly 30 Easter Eggs to boot! Having said that, one thing must be established first – GTA 5 is available only on the console platform, so those with a Windows computer would only be getting themselves into trouble if they happen to download a GTA V PC port that they have found online.

In any case, DO NOT download this alleged GTA V PC port, since it is actually a malware disguised as such. The file download began to appearing on torrent sites earlier this week, where it weighs in at a massive 18GB, and has been downloaded thousands of times to boot. Most folks might be fooled into thinking that they are downloading a setup.exe file for GTA V, but it actually has a veiled intention of tricking folks to surf to a website in order to “register” their personal information. Needless to say, this is but a phishing scheme that is deviously executed, preying on the naivete of the masses.

Now that you know, go warn everyone else in your contact circle about this malware, too.

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